Atlanta Falcons: Jason Whitlock calls out Sarkisian, Vick says they will be ok

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 31: Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian converses with Matt Simms
ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 31: Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian converses with Matt Simms /

While a guest with Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Mike Vick said the team will be just fine

The Atlanta Falcons won the game, but no one can honestly say the performance was what we all expected. The offense managed to put up 23 points, but there were stalled drives and too many field goals. They struggled to close out the Chicago Bears, a team that went 3-13 the year prior.

According to a former member of the Atlanta franchise, things will be just fine even though Jason Whitlock of FS1 says much of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. The former USC head coach has never held such a role in the NFL and his first outing was less than desirable.

Whitlock said as much while hosting former Falcons Tony Gonzales and Mike Vick as guests with Colin Cowherd on FS1. Whitlock criticized the calls made by Sarkisian, saying he was calling plays like he was still a collegiate coach.

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"“I don’t think he understood he’s coaching in the NFL. It’s not a balance league. I think early in the game it was 8-1s, eight passes, and I’m like hey, man, you got Julio Jones, and you got the reining MVP. What are you doing?” – Whitlock"

Vick said in the end this is Matt Ryan’s team, and that the 2016 NFL MVP and the crew will get ig figured out.

Atlanta had to replace former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan this offseason when he took the head coaching job with the San Francisco 49ers. After the way he botched the end of the Super Bowl, many fans were probably happy to see a change at the position.

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Sarkisian runs a similar offense to Shanahan and is still learning the players strengths and weaknesses. While there is some validity to Whitlock’s statements, this is a process and in the end things will be just fine. Patience will be the key as the players and new coach figure one another out.