Why Did You Become A Falcons Fan

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Atlanta Falcons fans, I’m curious, why did you become a fan of the Dirty Birds?

It was 1995 and the Atlanta Falcons had just defeated the New York Jets at home with a score of 13-3. After the game, I found myself just outside of the Falcons locker room.

There I was, 13 years old, taking photos with Falcons legend Jessie Tuggle, getting a chance to meet my favorite Falcon at the time, Eric Metcalf, and getting a chance to speak with former Atlanta quarterback Bobby Hebert.

I had received the chance of a lifetime, getting the opportunity to meet players from my favorite team, all thanks to our family friend who played for the Falcons at the time, Rich Miano.

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Miano had previously played for the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles. When he signed with the Falcons however, they became my favorite team and remained my favorite team even after he left the club.

This past Summer I was speaking with Miano and we took a stroll down memory lane. We looked at photos from that amazing day back in 1995 and I thanked him for making me a Falcons fan.

It is now twenty-two years later, and I am as big of a Falcons fan as I was back in ’95, if not more so.

Along the way, I have added to my book of once-in-a-lifetime Falcons experiences. Most recently, Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett was kind enough to gift me a game worn glove. The gift was special for sure and it became that much more special when I placed it next to the photo I took with former Falcon Jessie Tuggle.

For those who may not know, Jessie Tuggle is the father of Grady Jarrett. So, to connect with a second generation Falcon is a pretty neat experience and one that will always mean a lot to me.

Lastly, the one Falcons experience that I relish more than all of the amazing stories that I have accumulated, the one moment that I look forward to the most is the day I get the opportunity to purchase a replica Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl ring.

I believe that day will come.

On that day I will be able to say that I have been a Falcons fan since 1995, since the days of Eric Metcalf, Jessie Tuggle, and Bobby Hebert. I will be able to proudly say that I have stuck with my team through it all.

On that day, I will thank Rich Miano once again for being the reason I became a Falcons fan.

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Now it is your turn. I would love to know why you became a Falcons fan. Are your parents fans, so you became one? Is your spouse a fan and therefore you become a fan as well? What’s your story? Why have you chosen to Rise Up?

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