Atlanta Falcons: Kicker Matt Bryant is injured


Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant was held out of practice with an injury and the Falcons have added a kicker to their practice squad.

Reports came out today noting that Falcons kicker Matt Bryant was held out of practice due to injury:

With a reported injury, Atlanta’s Pro Bowl kicker’s future over the next coming days is uncertain.

Falcons fans should be familiar with the current kicking woes taking place in another part of the NFC South (Tampa Bay Buccaneers). With Bryant now suffering an injury, will the Falcons face challenges in their kicking game?

Moreover, if Bryant cannot play on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, is it possible that Atlanta will suffer three missed field goals in one game (alas Buccaneers)?

As a replacement on the practice field, the Falcons have added kicker Mike Meyer:

A little bit about Meyer, from the University of Iowa, he was undrafted in 2015 and later signed with the Tennessee Titans. In early 2017, Meyer signed a short stint with Atlanta, but was later waved before the regular season began.

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Will the Falcons need to utilize Meyer this Sunday against the Dolphins?

The Falcons have yet to officially address that question. While it is only Wednesday, Falcons fans have to be somewhat concerned with how Bryant’s condition will play out.

Thus far this season, Bryant is nine out of nine on field goals made. He has continued to show the world why his team and fan base refers to him as “Money”. If the Falcons were to lose him for any amount of games this season, that would be a major loss for the team.

Some may recall, the last time Bryant had suffered any reported injury was back in 2015. At which point, he did miss three games (week 12, 13, 14). Kicker Shayne Graham was brought in during Bryant’s absence and ended up going five for five on field goals.

However we have not seen Meyer in Falcons regular season action before, so we are uncertain as to what we can expect should he have to fill in for Bryant on Sunday.

As we head into Sunday’s game against Miami, Falcons fans should continue to keep a close eye on Bryant’s condition.

Our team at Blogging Dirty did receive an early unofficial report from a source close to Bryant who simply said “He’s good”.

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While the idea of having a kicker with the name Mike Meyer in the month of October would be cool (Michael Myers reference), having a kicker with the name Matt “Money” Bryant would be cooler.