The Falcons will make the playoffs this season

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Atlanta Falcons fans, it may not appear this way now, but the Falcons will make the playoffs this season.

I was about 500 words into an article blasting Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian for the team’s three recent losses.

Then I decided to go for a walk to gather my thoughts, as there were so many things I wanted to say.

It was while walking in the one hundred degree Los Angeles heat today, that I realized I’d rather not join the crowd of media, fans, and others who are focusing on what is wrong with the Falcons.

It is very evident that something is wrong with the Falcons, who currently sit at 3-3 on the season. It does not take rocket scientist to realize this. It is easy to see.

It is equally as easy for one to search stat sites to further prove their point that this person or that issue is the cause for the Falcons current woes.

No one needs me to do that because it is already being done enough.

After thinking about it more, I realized that this team is too good to allow this season to go to waste and while it may not look like it right now, things are going to get better (sooner than later).

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So, I am going to stand firm on the opinion that the Atlanta Falcons will make it to the playoffs this season. Then we will see where they go from there. But at the very least, wild card or otherwise, this Falcons team is playoff bound.

To think otherwise is to (arguably) indirectly discount the very DNA that is the Atlanta Falcons.

That DNA is comprised of current NFL MVP and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. That DNA is consists of the greatest wide receiver in the NFL, and that is the Falcons’ Julio Jones. That DNA is made up of the guy (Falcons head coach Dan Quinn) responsible for leading the NFL’s top ranked defense from 2013-2014.

Put those three guys on any NFL team and that team will arguably be just as good, if not better.

But the DNA of the Falcons does not end with those three guys. Add to this strand of DNA Falcons running back Devonta Freeman, who finished fifth in total rushing and receiving touchdowns last season.

Do not forget about last year’s sack leader, Atlanta’s very own linebacker/defensive end Vic Beasley. He is crucial to the Falcons DNA.

And I will quickly mention other names such as Falcons receiver Mohamed Sanu (perhaps the best number two receiver in the NFL last season), center Alex Mack (arguably the best center in the league), linebacker Deion Jones (in 2016 he led all linebackers in the NFL with most passes defensed), and kicker Matt Bryant (aka “Money”).

They are just some of the players that make up the brotherhood, that make up this team, that make up the Falcons DNA.

I am going to ride with this team because I believe in them more than I do their present circumstances.

Sure, I’ve seen Matt Ryan overthrow receivers this season. I’ve seen receivers drop numerous passes, some leading to interceptions. And though I still cannot believe it, I’ve even see Matt Bryant miss three field goals.

But these things are not indicative of who the Falcons truly are. At least not according to what stats, records, and accomplishments tell us.

And yes, I am aware that there are many who believe Falcons coordinator Steve Sarkisian should be fired. But I think the Falcons can succeed regardless of if Sarkisian is fired or not.

I’ll tell you why.

I believe in Quinn enough to think that he is going to figure this out. Rather he fires Sarkisian or demands Ryan be given the ability to call more plays on his own, Quinn is going to figure this out.

To believe otherwise is to believe that the Falcons are anything less than what they have proven to be in their greatest moments.

They are experiencing challenges in the early part of the season. But we all know it’s not how you start. And if you have been one who has complained that the Falcons need to finish, well then give them a chance to finish this season the right way.

Would you rather a great start to the season and a collapse at the end? Or a team that finds their way and grows in confidence. The latter instills fear into opponents.

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Expect to see the Falcons gradually pick-up momentum this season. Then, at the end of the season, expect them to be in the playoffs. Nearly everything is looking down right now for the Falcons, but at the end of the day, they are the Atlanta Falcons and I believe they will rise up.

Matter of fact, I am putting my “money” where my mouth is and if the Falcons do not make the playoffs this season…