Interview with Good Morning Football’s Peter Schrager

TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Matt Ryan
TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Matt Ryan /

Atlanta Falcons fans, Blogging Dirty spoke with Good Morning Football’s Peter Schrager about the Dirty Birds on our Talking Dirty Birds podcast.

We had a chance to briefly speak with Good Morning Football’s Peter Schrager about the Atlanta Falcons. Schrager shared his thoughts on the Atlanta’s last two games of the season and spoke on the possibility of Falcons making it into the playoffs.

Schrager, a New York Times best selling author, spoke very highly about the Falcons last season. In 2016, the Dirty Birds made history with an historically ranked offense. Therefore, Atlanta made it very easy for others to speak highly about them.

However this season, Atlanta’s offense has been anything but historic. And less praise and hype has been heaped on the Falcons, especially from Schrager. But ultimately, when we asked him what Atlanta could look like in January should they make the playoffs, Schrager provided a strong (pro Atlanta) response.

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Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this podcast was Schrager’s thoughts on the identity of this 2017 Atlanta Falcons team. Struggling to find consistency, this year’s Falcons squad has been a shell of their 2016 self. This season, the Dirty Birds have been unable to rely on a prolific offense, and they have suffered some tough losses. Heading into a possible playoff run, it appears the identity of this Falcons team has yet to be determined. But Schrager has some very interesting thoughts on the matter.

Take a listen to our ten minute conversation with Schrager here. We have a feeling you may like what he has to say about the Atlanta Falcons.