Rough season could be great for Atlanta Falcons

TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Matt Ryan
TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Matt Ryan /

The Atlanta Falcons have had some ups and downs in 2017 and that could end up being a great thing for their chances in the playoffs

It’s no secret this season has been filled with a lot of high points and several low ones for the Atlanta Falcons. Fresh off a Super Bowl loss, they came out of that gates and won three straight games. They followed that up with four losses over the next five games and all the good will they had built up seemed lost.

Then they hit this final stretch, and have now won two clutch games in a row. Sure, there was some luck involved as New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees elected to test Deion Jones in the end zone of a three-point game and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers missed a late field goal.

However, no team ever got anywhere without some luck, and the Falcons have done a good job being in position where one bounce is all they need.

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Sometimes, that’s all it takes is that one bounce. With Atlanta scoring wins against Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, New Orleans and Tampa Bay on such bounces, they understand this like no other team. For that reason they have a huge advantage going into the post season — provided of course they take care of business and lock up their spot.

As hard as it’s been for fans to watch the nail-biting finishes, the players themselves have been hardened by circumstances. They’ve seen that things can go their way and they can notch a win as long as they stick to the game plan and never lose hope.

They defeated two teams while Matt Ryan threw three picks. They had two games heavily influenced by a 10 second runoff from a penalty, and they even won their opening game in large part to a dropped pass in the end zone that would have sent them out of Chicago with a loss.

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In the end, this team now has seen they can overcome anything and win. That alone is enough reason to feel like they’re set up nicely for a post season run.