Atlanta Falcons: Internal expectations are high for 2019


Atlanta Falcons fans have high expectations for 2019, and they should. However, no matter how high the expectations the fans have, they will never compare to the expectations that the players themselves have.

We can all agree that the Atlanta Falcons 2018 season was trash, garbage, terrible, etc…whatever adjectives you would like to use. The season was made even worse by the three game winning streak to end the season once the Falcons had already been eliminated from playoff contention; which pushed their draft pick outside the Top 10.

Blogging Dirty has written numerous articles about who needs to step up in 2019, who has the most pressure in 2019 and players that will surprise you in 2019, but what are the players saying? What are their feelings about what 2019 holds in store?

Social media is a double edge for most people, but especially true for athletes and entertainers. Websites/apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook give us insight to who they are of the field and sometimes it is not good.

However, there are many times when the players say things that get the fan base worked up and excited about things to come. An expectation that has been discussed among the Falcons faithful is this defense finally playing to its true potential. We all know there is talent galore, but how much exactly?

There is enough talent that starting linebacker De’Vondre Campbell and his teammates believe this defense will end up in the Top five if not number one and he said so on twitter.

As fans, we have to appreciate when players put targets on their backs. Matt Ryan did so back in 2016 when he told media that the team would absolutely average 30 points per game. Media literally laughed at that notion and thought Matt Ryan was out of his mind. Six months later the Falcons averaged nearly 34 points per game, Matt Ryan was the league MVP and the team was in the Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons continue to add depth to defense. dark. Next

If De’Vondre Campbell is correct and this team ends up with a Top five defense and Dirk Koetter can get this offense to live up to the talent level that it has, this target could propel them to greatness in 2019 just like 2016.