Atlanta Falcons: Toughest Games Of 2019

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Let the Atlanta Falcons 2019 season begin! That is the feeling fans had Wednesday at 8pm when the National Football League released the schedule for all 32 teams. Schedule release night has become almost holiday like for fans across the country as travel plans can be made and arguments on social media can officially begin.

The time between the Super Bowl until the draft feels like purgatory for all NFL fans, especially when the Atlanta Falcons were predestined to sit out the free agency frenzy due to cap limitations.

However, the football gods give fans a little reprieve before we see which young players will help the team in their pursuit of the Super Bowl: the NFL schedule release.

The opponents are known in advance; however, the dates and locations are not. This year, the Atlanta Falcons draw the AFC South and NFC West. And thanks to finishing second in their division last year, they get the same place finishing team in the NFC East and North. And of course, the division foes.

Still, there is something appetizing about seeing when and where those games will take place. As fans we look at the calendar and start planning in our heads what road trips we can make versus what road trips we should make. We compare the schedule to those in the division, we look at games in domes, games in cold weather and what games could be flexed. It’s all natural and there is nothing wrong with the need to analyze the NFL schedule in this way.

The Atlanta Falcons full schedule is here. And now, we will look at the Atlanta Falcons toughest games of 2019.

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