Atlanta Falcons: Looking back at second round picks since 2008

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In 2010 the Falcons did not have a second round pick as they traded that pick away to the Kansas City Chiefs to acquire Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzalez. This was a phenomenal move by Thomas Dimitroff. Gonzalez spent five seasons with the Falcons racking up 409 catches that totaled 4,187 receiving yards and 35 touchdowns.

Tony G was just inducted to the Hall of Fame and his most memorable moment was his first and only playoff win in 2012 against the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional Round. The majority of second round picks are not going to be productive as Tony Gonzalez so this was another great move by Thomas Dimitroff.

In his first three seasons, Thomas Dimitroff made great moves regarding the Falcons second round pick and that continued into his fourth season as Falcons general manager.

In 2011, the Falcons again did not have a second round selection in the NFL Draft as they used that pick  as part of the Julio Jones trade. Enough cannot be said about Julio Jones; he is an elite wide receiver and a future Hall of Famer.

The Browns were not able to do anything with the picks they acquired from the Falcons. None of the Browns picks from the 2011 Draft are on an NFL roster. This was another great move by Thomas Dimitroff regarding the Falcons second round selection.