Atlanta Falcons are at the crossroads of NFL heaven and hell

28-3……it seems like it was such a long time ago while at the same time, it feels like it just happened. This was the heartbreak the Atlanta Falcons faithful did not need to endure.

The loss is still fresh in our minds due to the simple fact that had we won, the city of Atlanta would have had something to be proud of…not only could we have been crowned the undisputed best team in the NFL, but we would have knocked off the most dominant dynasty in sports history in the process.

Except it didn’t turn out that way.

As we all know the Falcons blew the 28-3 lead and ended up as the laughing-stock of the NFL. The sole take away is at least we know we can get there. The last couple of seasons have also ended in heartbreak, we lose in the division round and last year we don’t even sniff the playoffs.

The Atlanta Falcons are at a crossroads right now. We do know one thing for sure, we know what we need to fix. The Falcons have done a decent job at addressing the offensive line this off-season with the acquisitions of John Wetzel, James Carpenter and Jamon Brown that will provide some extra protection for Matt Ryan.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Falcons brought in veteran Adrian Clayborn (well in his case, he was brought back after one year with the Patriots), signed safety JJ Wilcox, and brought back Ra’Shede Hageman, to everyone’s surprise.

The 2019 NFL draft is the last big chance for the Falcons to make a splash in the off-season and bring in some guys that can help turn it around. I can see the Falcons continuing to address the defensive side of the ball and add some depth to the offensive line. What the Falcons cannot do is go after anything they don’t need and set this team back further.

This might be the most important season for the Falcons in a while. They have their franchise QB, a stud receiver, great running back and all types of talent on both side of the ball. We are truly standing at a crossroads and if the wrong path is taken, make no doubt about it, people will lose jobs, fans will lose patience, and in turn, the Falcons will lose fans.