Atlanta Falcons Most Intriguing Player Match-ups In 2019

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The draft dust has settled and OTAs and rookie camps have started. Yes, the Atlanta Falcons and their fans are getting closer to kicking off the season. As we have detailed here, the Falcons have some trap games, tough ones, and even some interesting road match-ups.

Sure, location and ebbs and flow of the season make some games tougher than others. But within that game, are the match-ups. And boy do the Atlanta Falcons have some intriguing ones this season. Some are tough, some are dull, and some are just outright fun. So we decided to break down a few.

As every commentator loves to say “there’s a game within a game.” And there is for our purposes.

Over the course of 16 games, who are the most intriguing quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers the Falcons will face this year. Sure, there are tight ends, and defensive players that could change the game. So why just these groups? Well, these are the crux of the skill positions.

And the Dirty Birds stack up well on their own in all three areas. When healthy, they have an upper tier quarterback in Matt Ryan, arguable the best receiver in the game in Julio Jones and a solid number two option in Mohamed Sanu or Calvin Ridley, and for a season or two at least, Devonta Freeman was a top back in the game.

So, let’s get started. The players were selected based on ESPN depth chart order. If a key free agent was signed at the position, they may get the nod as the starter if they represent a significant upgrade over current roster dwellers. And of course, this is operating under the main contributors staying healthy throughout training camp and the pre-season.

First up, the quarterbacks.