Does Matt Ryan Belong Among The Greatest QB’s Of All Time?

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That 28-3 breakdown by the Falcons will go down as one of the biggest collapses in NFL history and there isn’t a point in even continuing to talk about it like it’s going to change the outcome. Besides, that wasn’t a Matt Ryan breakdown, that was a team breakdown.

Being clutch means, you can make a play when it needs to be made. Ryan has done that throughout his career. He ranks 10th all time in game-winning drives above the likes of Joe Montana, Jim Kelly, Terry Bradshaw, Dan Fouts, and Fran Tarkenton…. all Hall of Famers, all considered the cream of the crop at the quarterback position. Ryan ranks 10th all-time in comeback victories above those same Hall of Famers listed before.

How many times have we seen Matt Ryan make these incredible plays that puts the Falcons in position to win big games? If you have an issue trying to remember, just go back and check out the Panthers/Falcons game from 2012. That’s the game the Falcons had 51 seconds to get into scoring position from the 1 yard line, go see how that ended.

Matt Ryan is nicknamed Matty Ice for a reason, he’s cool under pressure and he’s got ice in his veins. Very few quarterbacks can stand there and make the throws that need to be made no matter how ridiculous the throw needs to be.