Happy Birthday! Vick’s best plays with the Atlanta Falcons

Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons. (Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary)
Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons. (Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary) /
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Ah yes, a theme is starting to develop here. Michael Vick on the run in overtime games.

Before the Falcons redid their uniforms, when they were still rocking with the old school, all black logo, Vick was doing his thing.

Except this time, on the road with a 1 p.m. eastern time kick off. It was against the Minnesota Vikings. And the Falcons had squandered a lead with just 11 seconds left in the game. They didn’t even win the coin toss.

In fact in this game, Michael Vick’s game winning run came with 12:35 left in overtime, the same amount of time left when the Falcons beat the Panthers in that ‘04 game.

The game winning run. Yes, we’ve all seen it. Let’s relive it again because it doesn’t get old. Vick drops back, play action, rolls out left and at that point no one was going to catch him. The man was at one point the slipperiest guy in the NFL.

But on this play, it’s what happened at the 20 yard line that makes your jaw drop. Vick splits two defenders, at the same time, and they collide into each other.

At one point they saw him, now, they didn’t. It’s one thing to be juked so hard your jockstrap gets left on the field, it’s another to get ran over. But when a quarterback puts a move on you and your teammates at the same time and you tackle each other? That’s special.

Like Steph Curry crossing up an entire Clippers team. That was the man the Falcons had under center, week in and week out and boy was he fun to watch.