There is plenty of motivation for the Atlanta Falcons in 2019


Players in the Atlanta Falcons locker room know, the coaching staff knows, the front office knows, and the fans certainly know. There is plenty of motivation in 2019 for every Falcons stake holder.

What exactly do they all know? That 2019 is a season that should end in a Super Bowl victory in Miami for the Atlanta Falcons. The players will not admit it publicly, but they hear the negativity, they read the comparisons and they understand that no one is expecting them to be successful this year.

Matt Ryan has been one of the most consistent and successful quarterbacks in the National Football League since being drafted, yet, you would think watching NFL Countdown, First Take or any other hot take program that he was the offspring of Andy Dalton and Ryan Leaf.

Julio Jones doesn’t show it, but the fire inside him drives him to be the best wide receiver the league has ever had. Despite the fact that he proves it on the field every single year, people are quick to put many others ahead of him as one of the greatest in the game, but he is never mentioned as THE greatest in the game today.

Thomas Dimitroff has had a lot of ups and downs over his last decade plus as the general manager for the Atlanta Falcons. He never gets the credit he deserves for drafting Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Deion Jones or signing an All Pro like Alex Mack or trading for Tony Gonzalez; there isn’t a better cap specialist in the NFL either. He does repeatedly get beat over the head for all his bust picks and free agents in the same time frame.

If there is one thing that the NFL has taught us, drafting Matt Ryan and Julio Jones was not a given either. Every year coaches reach or overthink on prospects and get burned. Dimitroff deserves more credit for hitting on both future Hall of Fame players.

What do all of these men just mentioned have in common? They want to win more than anyone that buys tickets, jerseys or calls themselves a Falcons fan.

Lifting the Lombardi trophy is the ultimate goal of any team sport in this country. Leading the Falcons to the pinnacle of the sport would solidify the rightful place among the all-time greats of the game that they have all sacrificed, bled and cried for.

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There is plenty of motivation for the Falcons in 2019 and they don’t need to be reminded of what comes with being at the top of their game.