Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub are drama free for the Atlanta Falcons


Colin Kaepernick is a hot topic again after the NFL announced they were partnering with Jaz-Z and there are many that believe that the Atlanta Falcons would be an ideal landing spot. They aren’t.

Let’s address the first issue that rises when the name Colin Kaepernick is mentioned. The kneeling. I have been on record on twitter, Atlanta Falcons radio network and everywhere in between stating that I support Kaep 100 percent with what he is doing and why he is doing it.

People get caught up in all the extras that surround him, like pig socks and t-shirts and while that may dilute the message for some, I can look past all of that and realize that there is a bigger problem that he is trying to address.

Then there is the football side of it and that is what I want to focus on.

As a football player, Colin Kaepernick is better than nearly every other backup quarterback in the National Football League and at the end of the day this is a business. You want the best available player at every spot.

We should all agree that one of the needs on this team is a viable backup quarterback. Matt Schaub had a great career, but he is 38 and while he has had a few nice moments this preseason, the game is passing him by quickly.

One of the areas of business is affordability. What makes Matt Schaub so attractive to the Falcons is his price tag. Matt Schaub allows the Falcons to spend money elsewhere and lock down young pro bowlers like Deion Jones and Grady Jarrett. The Falcons still have to pay Keanu Neal and Austin Hooper. They do not have the flexibility to pay the kind of money that Kaep is rumored to want.

People get caught up in stats, but stats without context is meaningless. Kaeps numbers aren’t good, though he is still better than Cam Newton in completion percentage and was above Andrew Luck until this past season. If you know anything about the 49ers, their roster went downhill dramatically after 2012 and Kaep’s numbers did not match the progress he made as a quarterback.

However, the most important reason the Falcons will never have a desire for Colin Kaepernick’s services is they are a no drama franchise. While I will argue the media and others around Kaep (like his girlfriend) are big sources for the drama, the Falcons still have no interest in bringing that type of circus to town.

We all know there are parts of this fan base that do not care for Matt Ryan, imagine bringing in a player like Kaepernick and listening to fans after a bad game by Matt. It would be unbearable and would be a distraction to a team that is trying to win a Super Bowl.

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While I believe that Kaepernick should be playing in the National Football League, I do not believe that it should be here in Atlanta.