Offensive evolution of the Atlanta Falcons under Dan Quinn

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Advantage: Now

There has not been an upgrade available for years. No quarterback drafted since 2008 has been better or more consistent than Matt Ryan. He has been a top 10 quarterback for years, and many could argue top four of five since 2016.

He’s an MVP caliber quarterback and as long as he’s healthy – he’s here for the long run. As he’s proven even into his 30’s, Matt is still in his prime and better than he was when Dan Quinn was hired in 2015.

Unlike other top-tier quarterbacks in the league, Matt Ryan is on his third offensive coordinator since 2015; five seasons and three offensive coordinators. To make this even more incredible, when you look at the three quarterbacks better than Matt Ryan since 2008, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, all three of those guys have had offensive coordinators promoted from within and their systems never changed.

Matt has never been that lucky; he has had to learn new playbook’s and become familiar with his new coaches and still been one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the game.