Offensive evolution of the Atlanta Falcons under Dan Quinn

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Advantage: Now

Before you overreact, remember – this was Roddy White at the tail end of his career. Julio was a dynamo, as he has been most of his career so there’s no gain or drop off at WR1. Julio is still producing the way he was in 2015, Sanu at this point, is producing more than Roddy White was at that stage of his career.

Calvin Ridley vs Leonard Hankerson is not fair to even compare, because Ridley is just scratching the surface and he had more touchdowns as a rookie than Hankerson had his entire career.

The biggest change to the offense from when Dan Quinn took over, was the offensive line. Interestingly enough, we do not know how that will pan out, due to the fact that we should see 2 rookies along the offensive line.

Alex Mack is a HUGE upgrade at center.  Quarterback is still as good, probably better due to Ryan growing as a player. The receiving threats are better now, due to the Tight ends and secondary Wide receivers not being much of a threat at all when Quinn took over.

Next. Ego gets in the way as Atlanta Falcons sign Blair Walsh. dark

Running back also gets the Matt Ryan treatment, because you’d have to assume that a Devonta Freeman of now should be more of a known commodity than Devonta Freeman of the 2015 off-season when no one knew he’d even start.