Atlanta Falcons new discipline system is embarrassing


After a terribly undisciplined start to the 2019 season for the Atlanta Falcons, Dan Quinn has decided that drastic and embarrassing measures are needed.

As the Atlanta Falcons get ready to take on the Tennessee Titans this Sunday, head coach Dan Quinn has instituted a fine and playing time system to try and cut down on the self-inflicted wounds that have plagued the Falcons through the first three weeks.

This last week against the Colts, the Falcons defense gave the Colts offense seven first downs via penalty. This has been a reoccurring theme through the first three games of the year as the Falcons have been penalized 35 times for 264 yards, half of those penalties and yards and came last week against the Colts.

Dan Quinn has decided to institute a fine and potentially game impacting discipline system because of this. Sure, many other teams have something similar, but I could not care less about what other teams across the NFL are doing.

The Falcons will face Delanie Walker this weekend, who has been in the league for more than a decade. He talked this week about how soft the players have gotten over the last 10 years and that they cannot take criticism anymore.

"“When I came in the league in 2006, I know that’s a long time ago, the atmosphere was a lot different,” Walker saidin the locker room Wednesday. “We were 1-2, there would be some pissed-off guys walking around here, calling guys out, team meeting without the coaches. But today’s football? It’s a lot different. A lot of guys can’t take that. A lot of guys don’t want to be called out. They want to fight, they want to be traded. That’s pretty much where we’re going with this game. You can see the rule changes and everything, it’s just different.”"

This is why Dan Quinn has had to institute a system of fines and playing time threats, dudes on this team are soft. There is no reason why any player on this team after watching film of their performance should be upset at anyone but themselves at how they play.

Isaiah Oliver should be man enough to look at his teammates and let them know he has played like garbage and take whatever responses come his way. De’Vondre Campbell should be able to take whatever criticism from teammates and coaches over this regression in 2019.

Takk McKinley should be able to get his **** together and not lash out on twitter after how terribly he has played in the Atlanta Falcons two road game losses.

It is terribly embarrassing that a team that had Super Bowl aspirations for 2019 is not mentally strong enough to take criticism to get better and instead has to turn to fines and playing time threats in order to play up to their potential.

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One thing is clear, players care more about their pocketbooks and personal brands and not about the uniform they are wearing or even worse, they do not seem to care about winning.