Candidates to replace Dan Quinn as Atlanta Falcons head coach

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Atlanta Falcons

After a rough start to the NFL season for the Atlanta Falcons, one thing is clear through three games, Dan Quinn is a great person and defensive coordinator but a terrible head coach.

Through Dan Quinn’s 67 games as the Atlanta Falcons head coach, he is just seven games over .500. To only have won seven more games than you lost with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in a passing league should be unacceptable to every fan, player, and person in the front office.

When Thomas Dimitroff and Arthur Blank hired Dan Quinn, they bucked the trend that was just starting in the NFL – going with an offensive-minded coach. The thought was the offense in Atlanta had talent, but they needed someone that can build this defense.

Had the Atlanta Falcons brain trust brought in Dan Quinn as a defensive coordinator and allowed him the same type of input draft wise but with an offensive-minded head coach, who knows how much farther along this train would be.

The worst thing to happen to Dan Quinn was in 2016. Getting the team to put it all together that soon and to show the fans what this franchise was capable of ahead of schedule was his undoing. However, 2016 also blinds a lot of people into believing that Dan Quinn is a better head coach than he actually is.

He has had a ton of issues that Atlanta Falcons talent alone has covered. His clock mismanagement, in-game decisions, and staff hiring may be the worst of them. In five years, Dan Quinn has hired three new staff. During that time, he chose Steve Sarkisian over a guy he already had on staff in Matt LaFleur.

Amid all of this nonsense, we all bought into the nonsensical rhetoric coming out of Dan Quinn’s mouth about the brotherhood and how he understood the city’s frustration because he felt it too. The problem is, the frustration is a result of his issues.

Through 12 quarters of football in 2019, the defense that he is in charge of has looked unprepared, out of sync, underdeveloped and slow. This is a direct reflection of the coaching that is happening in Flowery Branch and it is absolutely embarrassing.

Thomas Dimitroff should also be replaced at this point, but that is for another day and time. That said, who are candidates that the new Atlanta Falcons general manager should target we have them broken down by the experience.

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