Three reasons the Atlanta Falcons will win Sunday against the Titans


There is no doubt that the Atlanta Falcons are off to a disappointing start to the season. They currently sit at 1-2 with an upcoming battle against the Tennessee Titans this Sunday.

Following the disheartening loss last Sunday at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts, the Atlanta Falcons are 1-8 against AFC opponents dating back to the 2017 season. This must change, starting Sunday which is, in my opinion, a must-win game for the Falcons.

The following are three reasons why I believe the Falcons will be able to get back on the winning track this Sunday.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has struggled in a very uncharacteristically manner. Through 3 games thus far, he has managed to throw six interceptions, tallying just one shy of his complete total of seven all of last year. At the very least, three of his interceptions this year have been very suspect, leaving the Atlanta faithful scratching their heads.

From throwing the ball into double coverage to not checking down his receivers, to completely missing his targets, Ryan has cost the team probable points, and quite possibly a win last Sunday.

The upside for Ryan right now though, is how strong he came out at the beginning of the second half last Sunday. Despite throwing a costly interception early, and despite the bizarre throws he’s made all season thus far, Ryan showed true grit in the second half Sunday.

Ryan came out on fire, throwing for 22/23 passes, with 216 yards and three touchdowns. This goes to show that Ryan still has his MVP caliber form within him, and I look for him to keep that momentum going into Sunday’s game.

The Titans have only given up an average of 17 points per game, and just over 200 passing yards per game. With that, the Titans haven’t truly faced an offense as explosive as the Falcons, and I suspect Matt Ryan will expose the Titans defense for a big game.


Head Coach Dan Quinn knows he is in the hot seat. The Atlanta Falcons had an unruly and inexcusable 16 penalties for over 100 yards that went against them last Sunday. That all comes back on lack of discipline and Dan Quinn knows that.

Coach Quinn hears the calls for a new head coach from the Atlanta Falcons faithful, and I believe he will do everything in his power to turn that around and get them back behind him.

It is immensely improbable and difficult to win a game when you have such an insurmountable amount of penalties. Coach Quinn won’t let that happen two weeks in a row, especially with the short-lived season already in dire straits.

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Falcons are back home on Sunday. They are a notoriously better home team, especially in recent years, and that showed in their win in Week 2 against the Eagles.

With such struggles that the Falcons have on the road, they cannot afford to lose many, if any, home games this year. It is in times like these that Falcons fans need to come out and support their team. Having a loud crowd behind the team can not only be intimidating but can also turn the penalty ratio going towards the opposing team. Free yards are good yards.