Atlanta Falcons lose yet another game versus the AFC


It’s apparent, the Atlanta Falcons are afraid of the AFC. The New England Patriots took a lot from them in the Super Bowl and that includes their ability to prepare and compete against teams from the American Conference.

Since that Super Bowl loss, the Atlanta Falcons are a wonderful 1-9 versus the AFC. Ten losses if you include that game. That’s simply an unacceptable clip for a team that has enough talent to make a playoff run every year.

Sure, you see these teams once every four years but you have to prepare. They get just as much time to prepare for you as you do them, give or take a few days if they play on a Thursday like the Titans just did.

But even then, it was a home game. Last year, the Falcons went 0-4 against the AFC North, 1-3 versus the AFC East in 2017, their only win against the Jets. And so far this year, Colts and Titans, both losses.

And guess who the Falcons next opponent is the Houston Texans. Another member of the AFC South. The season was somewhat on the line coming home with one win and two losses. Now, the Falcons are one loss worse and have to go on the road to compete at Houston.

Ah yes, compete. Dan Quinn’s favorite word. Perhaps he should try to compete as a coach. He has simply been outcoached at each turn this season. But we won’t get into that right now. The Falcons have two AFC games left this year. They cannot afford to lose either of them.

Next. Dan Quinn’s seat just got hotter than summer in Atlanta. dark

One comes against the Jaguars in week 16. Which at this pace, will be a meaningless game. But if they somehow scrounge up enough effort to be in the playoff hunt by then, it could be a make or break matchup. And right now, the Falcons don’t seem like they’re up for it.