Atlanta Falcons should leave Dan Quinn in Houston


Every week Atlanta Falcons fans believe things will change, and every week we are let down even more than we were the last.

The Atlanta Falcons went to Houston Sunday in hopes of changing the direction of their season and like three of the four previous weeks, the Falcons would end the game on the losing end of things.

The Falcons mantra this week was to “block out the noise”, which is fine, though now it is nothing more than Dan Quinn deflecting from the real issue this team has, the coaching, the scheme and the fact that his message is no longer getting through to anyone in or out of the locker room.

The players seem to say the same thing every week – they do not understand why their great week of prep is not translating into wins. At this point, it should be obvious as to what the issue is and it’s not talent.

This coaching staff has no idea how to prepare a team for opponents, they have no idea how to game plan and they have no idea how to develop the talent on this roster. The first half the offense was able to move the ball and find matchups that worked in their favor and then no adjustments were made after halftime. Frustrating is not the word that accurately describes the feeling of watching the Texans dominate the third quarter.

We all know that Arthur Blank will not mandate a coaching change until at least the bye week and more than likely the end of the year. This was what we saw from Mike Smith in his final year when the team went 8-8 . They will give Dan Quinn the dignity of finishing the year out before they can him.

Next. Candidates to replace Dan Quinn. dark

In the meantime, as fans, we will keep the hope alive that somehow someway this team will turn it around and go on a run the NFL has never seen.