Zero chance Atlanta Falcons fire Dan Quinn during the season


While many within the Atlanta Falcons fan base are clamoring for a coaching change, one thing is clear, the change will not come within the season.

Sure, the Atlanta Falcons starting off 1-3 is less than ideal and there are many, including myself, that believe a change in the front office and a change of coaching staff is needed but this is not a move that Falcons owner Arthur Blank will make in a season.

Nor should he.

While there are some good assistant coaches on the Falcons staff, none of them are going to be able to right the ship and all the sudden get the players to do things they aren’t, the minor details we wrote about earlier this week.

Other than quieting a fan base, firing a head coach in season simply for losing games serves no real purpose. You cannot hold interviews and hire the guy that you actually want until the season is over and in the case of the Flacons, more than likely after the Super Bowl if they target the right assistant coach.

Firing Dan Quinn would also send a message to the fan base that Blank himself believes that this team and staff is incapable of turning things around after a rough start to the season. While it does not happen often, there are plenty of examples of teams turning it around making a playoff run.

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We all know the Falcons have the talent to do just that. If there was ever a team that could go from blowing the biggest lead in Super Bowl history to making an unprecedented run to win the Super Bowl just a couple years later it would be this Falcons team. The talent and ability to do something like this is on this roster, which is why we are all frustrated, we know what this team is capable of.