Matt Ryan has a chance to set another NFL record Sunday against the Rams


In the 34-33 heartbreaking loss to the Cardinals on Sunday, Matt Ryan became the first quarterback to complete 80 percent of his pass attempts for 300 or more yards, throw for at least four touchdowns and lose.

Well, Matt Ryan has a chance this Sunday as the Atlanta Falcons take on the LA Rams, to set another NFL record, one that he is currently tied with NFL Hall of Fame quarterbacks Steve Young and Kurt Warner for.

Matt has the chance to become the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 300 or more yards in his team’s first seven games of the year.

At this point you are thinking one of two things, wow that is great, or two, who cares they are 1-5.

We feel that and honestly, both thoughts have crossed our minds.

However, what has been dispelled this week about Matt Ryan is that his yards are empty. Sure, the team is 1-5 but Matt Ryan has been remarkable. In case you missed our responses to Matt Ryan leading the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns while being third in completion percentage, here they are.

Matt Ryan is completing passes against prevent defenses or Matt Ryan’s stats are all in garbage time

Teams don’t run prevent defenses when up three scores in games. This statement is among the all-time worst from couch general managers. When you look at the first six games for the Falcons, they have only been down two or more scores at half time and entering the fourth quarter to the same opponents twice; Vikings and Titans.

This means Matt Ryan and his arm have had the Falcons within striking distance in the second half of four other games. Had the defense been able to get more stops, Matt Ryan has this Falcons team at no worse than 3-3 and more than likely 4-2.

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Appreciate what we have in Matt and let’s hope that he is able to set a new NFL record this Sunday while handing the Rams their fourth straight loss.