Matt Ryan makes NFL history in loss to Cardinals


Once again Matt Ryan is a hot button topic amongst the Falcons fan base. Cardinals beat the Falcons 34-33 despite another unbelievable performance from the former NFL MVP.

How good was Matt Ryan today? He had just six incompletions and threw for four touchdowns bringing the Falcons back from a 17 point third-quarter deficit. Sadly for Matt Ryan, he also made NFL history.

According to Jeff Asher from AH Datalytics, Matt Ryan became the first quarterback in NFL history to complete 80 percent of his pass attempts for 300-hundred yards, throw four touchdowns and lose.

Of course, Matt Ryan haters will call his performance tonight nothing more than “stat-padding” but Matt Ryan has kept the Falcons in several of the games and given them chances to win. At some point, even his haters have to admit that there is not another quarterback in the NFL today that would be anything more than 1-5 given the defense that Matt Ryan is working with.

Not only is Matt proving his value, but he has a lot to do with the emergence of Austin Hooper as the best tight end in the NFL. Sure, some may laugh at that, but if you look at Hooper’s improvement from year to year and what he has done this year among all the talent on this team, both of those statements are true. We will have more on this Monday.

We have said it before and will keep repeating it, Matt should not have to be perfect in order for the Falcons to win, but this Dan Quinn defense is proving every week that Matt Ryan has to be perfect for them to win and no quarterback, mobile or not, is capable of that nor should they be.

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It is crime to see Matt Ryan’s career be wasted in the manner that is and more fans should be upset with the organization for doing that rather than at him for doing everything he can week in and week out.