The Dan Quinn chapter may end at the hands of his former team


For Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, his final act as the man in charge could come with a great deal of irony.

Dan Quinn hopped on the Atlanta Falcons radar after multiple years of leading the Legion of Boom in Seattle. He was given the keys to crafting this roster and this team as he saw fit.

Essentially he wanted an Atlanta version because this is a copycat league. But Quinn failed to realize that not every championship team can be replicated just by drafting players that sorta play like the ones you coached.

So many other things go into building a Super Bowl-winning team. And a lot of times, you gotta get lucky. The Falcons did that, just not enough. On their run to SB 51, they also ran out of luck at the worst time.

That season they went through Quinn’s former team, Seattle, in amazing fashion. Feel free to relive the glory days.

But now, that same team that propelled Dan to his seat now could also be the one to end his run. Because he who giveth, taketh away. Seattle comes into Atlanta needing to keep base with… wait for it.. .the 49ers.

The Seahawks just lost at home against Baltimore. Matt Schaub could very likely be starting on Sunday. All this sets up for another near-empty stadium shellacking at home by an NFC West opponent.

If that happens, there’s no way owner Arthur Blank can sit back and do nothing with a bye week coming up. If there’s anything we think we know, Blank cares about the fans. Seeing more open seats than filled ones in his billion-dollar gem Mercedes-Benz Stadium on game days doesn’t and shouldn’t sit well with him.

Dropping three straight to the AFC South may have put Blank on edge. Dropping three straight to the NFC West should put Blank over the brink. He can no longer sit by and just express disappointment with words. He will have to make a change.

There may not be anything left to play for this season, but seeing a talented team underperform week after week can’t continue after the bye week. Especially the entire division waiting.

Dan Quinn doesn’t think he’s lost the team. But if he loses to his former one, losing his role on this one might be a forgone conclusion.

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The most interesting part of the game Sunday could be the handshake after the game between Quinn and his former boss Pete Carroll. It could very well be his last as the Falcons head coach.