Atlanta Falcons do not need another college head coach


With everything that has gone wrong for the Atlanta Falcons this year, it’s safe to say that Dan Quinn will not be the head coach next season.

The Atlanta Falcons might be doing some homework behind closed doors looking at coaches and coordinators they can bring in to help the team succeed in the near future. The front office should proceed with caution during their head coaching search.

The current trend in the NFL when it comes to coaching is to find a young offensive-minded head coach, which isn’t a bad idea. The game has evolved in so many ways over the past 10 years.

Big mistake teams have made in the past is to go to the college ranks to find their head coach.

Success at the college level doesn’t always translate into success at the professional level and there have been many teams who have had to learn the hard way.

You can look at the success that Pete Carroll is having with the Seahawks and the success Jimmy Johnson had with the Cowboys. For every successful head coach that has been able to make that transition, you have quite a few that couldn’t make that jump.

Coaches like Nick Saban, who many consider being the greatest college football head coach of all time and Steve Spurrier, who always kept his Florida teams in the ’90s in the national championship picture as a great example of college coaches who couldn’t quite make it in the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons themselves have fell victim to this. When Bobby Petrino was hired as the head coach, many people thought the success he had at Louisville would translate into the NFL but that wasn’t the case.

Not only was the team just outright horrible, but he also resigned after 13 games leaving a bad taste in the mouths of everyone in the NFL.

There are plenty of great head coaching candidates in the NFL. Names like Shane Waldron, Eric Bienemy, Nick Sirianni and a bunch of others.

The Falcons need to do their due diligence during their head coaching search and find someone who has years of experience in the NFL. The team is already talented so they need someone that can help this team reach their potential.

This is not a situation like the Arizona Cardinals who brought in a college head coach in Kliff Kingsbury to help their rookie quarterback Kyler Murray.

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Despite how the season is going, the Falcons aren’t as bad as the record states they are. All they need to do is bring the right coach that can maximize the talents on this team while providing a big innovation to a stale game plan.