Three least winnable games for the Atlanta Falcons

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This game is the hardest remaining game on the schedule for the Atlanta Falcons and the way the season is going, this is going to be a rough one for them.

They have to deal with a running game consisting of Tevin Coleman and Matt Brieda. With the way the Falcons have been tackling this season, the 49ers have the chance to literally run away with this game.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo got off to a slow start this season but in the past two games, he’s been tearing it up. He’s only thrown one interception and with the addition of Emmanuel Sanders to go along with George Kittle, this Falcons secondary could be in for a long day.

To add insult to injury, the Atlanta Falcons offensive line has to deal with Nick Bosa who is running away with the defensive rookie of the year award and is looking like he’s the best defensive player in the NFL. With the Falcons having to throw the ball to even give themselves a chance to score in-game, it’s not ideal.

The 49ers have the number one overall defense in terms of yards allowed per game and number one in pass defense only allowing 138 yards per game. This could spell disaster for the Atlanta Falcons.