Falcons’ Dan Quinn lives to see another day

Dan Quinn had the Atlanta Falcons ready to play this week. This team played their best game of the season in the 26-9 win over the division-leading Saints.

With the win, the Atlanta Falcons improve to 2-7 and Dan Quinn lives to see another day.

The question now is how long can he keep this up?

Over the first half of the season, the Atlanta Falcons were by far the most disappointing team in the NFL. They weren’t scoring the way everyone expected and the defense looked like a piece of swiss cheese.

Did one win save Dan Quinn’s job? Yes, for the time being, but if the Falcons continue to play like this, does this mean Arthur Blank will end up retaining Quinn and have him back as the Falcons coach next season? Who knows.

It’s not like Quinn is a horrible coach. We’ve seen him lead the Falcons to a Super Bowl and had the Patriots on the rope ready for the knockout.

There is still a lot of time left this season and if the Falcons were to continue this strong play, continue to win and end up with a 7-9,8-8, or a nearly impossible 9-7, Dan Quinn could indeed save his job.

Those aren’t the words Falcons fans would want to hear but maybe Quinn learned his lesson. He made some moves during the bye week which allowed him to focus on the team as a whole instead of doing that plus coaching and calling plays for the defense.

Maybe Quinn realized that he was in over his head trying to be the head coach and defensive coordinator. A bit of humility went a long way and this case and contributed to the win today.

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The Falcons played their hearts out today for their coach and after hearing “This one is one me” and “We just have to play better” week in and week out, the Falcons and their coaching staff finally practiced what they preach.

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