Three things the Atlanta Falcons must do to win on Thanksgiving

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3. Play with energy and prevent the big plays

Even though the Atlanta Falcons defense forced multiple turnovers on Jameis Winston last week, the defense felt mundane and lacked the energy we have seen during their trips to New Orleans and Charlotte.

The images and videos of players and coaches dancing and celebrating on the sidelines during the two games prior to Tampa were lost last Sunday.

There seemed to be more frustration and confusion, which rightfully so, as the Atlanta Falcons defense simply could not stop anything the Buccaneers were throwing their way.

Jameis Winston had all the time in the world to get rid of the ball, as he was only hit once while in the pocket. This allowed Chris Godwin to steal the show and absolutely torch this Falcons defense averaging 26 yards per catch on seven catches. His longest of the day was a 71-yard strike.

We can’t allow Michael Thomas and Drew Brees that much time and space if the Atlanta Falcons want any chance of winning.

Maybe this lack of effort was due to the Atlanta Falcons being without both Takk Mckinley and Adrian Clayborn due to injuries sustained during the Carolina game.

Both Kemal Ishmael and McKinley both participated in practice on Tuesday after the team had Monday off.

With a short week, having them suit up shows they both have a good chance of playing Thursday night.