Russell Gage is the Atlanta Falcons’ next Mohamed Sanu


When the Atlanta Falcons traded Mohamed Sanu to the New England Patriots after the loss to the Los Angeles Rams, there were questions concerning who would fill in that role left behind after this trade.

Atlanta Falcons second-year receiver Russell Gage has answered those questions.

Since the Atlanta Falcons provided Gage a bigger role in the offense, starting with the matchup with the Seattle Seahawks, Gage has caught 26 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown. He has proven over this five-game stretch that he has what it takes to become the third option at wide receiver for Matt Ryan.

Before Sanu was traded, Gage saw very limited playtime. There were many games where he didn’t even record a reception. Last season, he only recorded six receptions for 63 yards in five games. Now, he is one of the most targeted receivers on the team and has proven that he is a capable and reliable receiver.

Gage’s senior season at LSU is where his skill set truly shined. He ran for 232 yards and a touchdown, with another 200 plus yards through the air. He proved that he is not only a capable receiving option but that he could also be used in the wildcat formation.

Sanu operated the wildcat formation beautifully over the years and while Gage may not have a cannon for an arm like Sanu, he does have the speed to be able to operate the wildcat. Dirk Koetter needs to use Gage more in this formation to get him more involved in the offense.

Gage’s size is reminiscent of Harry Douglas, which the Falcons can use to their advantage just like they did with Douglas. His skill set is a bit different from Sanu, but he can make the reliable catch on third down when you need him, just like Sanu did time and time again.

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He, as well as Jaeden Graham, have both proven that they could be viable weapons moving forward, which gives the Atlanta Falcons at least a glimmer of hope for the future.