Do’s and don’ts for the Atlanta Falcons first round pick

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As of right now, the Atlanta Falcons are slated to have the fifth overall selection in the 2020 NFL draft. This would be their first pick in the Top 5 since drafting Matt Ryan in 2008.

The Atlanta Falcons can move up or down depending on how the record turns out but it’s safe to say that the Falcons will have a top ten pick in the upcoming draft.

The Falcons have quite a bit of issues to fix on the roster. The defense is still struggling on all levels. There’s no consistent pass rush, the secondary is still getting torched and tackling has forever been an issue for the team.

On offense, the offensive line still looks like it needs a lot of work and the running back position is now a bigger question due to the shortcomings of Devonta Freeman this year.

Teams draft based on need or best talent available on the board. The Atlanta Falcons should draft for need and not talent at this point. They have needs all over the field and it would be better to draft the number one at a position of need instead of position-specific.

There shouldn’t be a reason why the Falcons use their first-round draft pick on a quarterback when they already have a franchise quarterback behind center. Whether fans like Matt Ryan or not, he is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Even though Falcons fans were spoiled having a three-headed monster at receiver with Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Calvin Ridley, they don’t need to draft one of the elite talents at the position so soon.

This team is in prime position to draft someone who can come aboard and help make a difference but they can’t afford to draft someone because they are the best player available.