Upset about the Atlanta Falcons keeping Dan Quinn? Good


Congratulations fans of the Atlanta Falcons, you have been gas-lit all season by the team. If you didn’t think so before, the Falcons decided to bring back Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff settles it.

But the Atlanta Falcons have gone 5-2 in their past seven games, they beat the Saints and 49ers on the road, they swept Carolina. Why wouldn’t you want to keep Dan Quinn?

Take it from Rich McKay, who reports on to owner Arthur Blank (who we’ll get to in a second). Said McKay: “The adjustments that we made during the year proved themselves to be successful.”

So wait, you mean the man-Dan Quinn- who, as the team managed to win one of its first eight games and gave up 53 points to the Houston Texans, 34 points to the Arizona Cardinals, and 37 points to the Los Angeles Rams, as he refused to give up defensive play-calling… gets credit for giving up play calling?

Come on now. Quinn’s stubborn nature got the Falcons into this mess, yet he is heralded as a hero for getting them out of it?

This is like the Cincinnati Bengals keeping Marvin Lewis year after year though he failed to win a playoff game the times they did make it. It’s allowing a league predicated by “what have you done for me lately?” to overshadow everything else you didn’t do.

It’s how a coach after back to back losing seasons, an unwillingness to look himself in the mirror and say “maybe I’m not the best person for this position” until it’s too late, keeps his job.

It’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if the Falcons find themselves in the same position next year. As for Arthur Blank, he got caught up himself.

Impressed with meaningless wins, after losing to the Saints on Thanksgiving night two years in a row and then giving up 35 points to Tampa Bay, he decided that five wins, two over Carolina and one other Jacksonville were good enough.

Arthur Blank says he is interested in winning but this decision proves otherwise. Going into the bye week he had a chance to make a change and he offered nothing but “I’m going to think really hard.”

dark. Next. Can the Falcons finish 2019 with a win in Tampa?

Well, he thought with his heart, not his head and it could cost the Falcons. Oh, and you still think he’s a great owner who shouldn’t sell the team?