Atlanta Falcons’ Julio Jones extends his NFL record into 2020


The Atlanta Falcons finished their 2019 NFL season with an overtime thriller in Tampa as they beat the Bucs 28-22.

The Atlanta Falcons finishing the season 7-9 and second in the NFC South is obviously not how any of envisioned this season going and we all know that momentum from one season to another does not happen in the NFL. The only glimpse we got from 2019 was how good this team could have been had Dan Quinn gotten out of the way quicker than he did.

At the end of November, we wrote a story about how Julio Jones was the only receiver in NFL history to record five consecutive 1,400 yard receiving seasons. Unfortunately, that record came to an end as Julio ended the 2019 season with 1,394 yards as he and Matt Ryan could not link up the final 20 minutes of the game Sunday afternoon.

However, Julio did extend another NFL record he currently owns and that is consecutive 1,300 yard receiving seasons. He currently has six consecutive and six for his career overall.

Where does he stack up among the all-time greats, let’s put this active streak in perspective:

While Julio fell just short of extending his 1,400 yards receiving streak he still has a major never-been-done-before streak intact for the 2020 season.

Not only does Julio have a streak of six straight years of 1,300 but he and DeAndre Hopkins are the only two receivers to have a currently active streak of at least 75 catches in a season. The NFL record is eight seasons and held by the GOAT himself, Jerry Rice.

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Julio never gets the credit that he deserves, but he has been the most productive and reliable receiver of his generation and even if the NFL refused to recognize him as one of the 10 best receivers all-time, there is zero doubt that he is.