Julio Jones historical streak may end in 2019


In a league full of rare individuals, Julio Jones stands out among most. We are all aware of his greatness and like Matt Ryan, he is still not appreciated or celebrated.

Julio Jones has a current streak of five seasons recording at least 1400 yards receiving, to keep that streak alive, Julio would have to average 90 yards a game the rest of the season. In 2019, he is currently averaging 86 yards per game.

Given his injury status, we may see this historical streak come to an end here in 2019.

To put context to this streak, look at some of the greats to ever play. Here are the streaks of at least 1400 yards had by the greatest receivers to ever play.

During this current five year streak of averaging at least 100-yards receiving per game, he has had some spectacular moments. Over the last five seasons, Julio has had a 300-yard receiving game, four 200 or more receiving yard games and had 14 games were he had at least 150-yards receiving.

His talent is undeniable and his consistency is crazy. This is not the first historical streak that Julio has had during his career either.

Julio Jones saw another rare streak come to an end in 2016. From 2013 through 2016, Julio had four straight seasons of averaging at least 100 receiving per game. Again, a streak that no other receiver in the history of the game has ever achieved.

Here are the season streaks of at least 100 yards by the greatest receivers to ever play the game.

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Julio is the rarest of rare when it comes to NFL talent and this is all the more reason to shut him down until he is 100 percent healthy and able to make the contributions we have come to know and expect from him.