Team building formula for the Atlanta Falcons


Admittedly, the  Atlanta Falcons have not been close to the Superbowl since reaching it in 2016. Furthermore, we all know how that game ended and how much of a hole is still left in our hearts from that season.

However, we will have a new Atlanta Falcons season with many changes coming to our team this off-season for the upcoming 2020-21 football season. Correspondingly,  we will look at a team-building formula to see how far the Atlanta Falcons are from reaching the pinnacle of our sport, winning the Superbowl.

This series will have multiple articles on how close or how far the  Atlanta Falcons are from planting a flag at the summit of the NFL mountain. Additionally, I got this idea from the draft gurus Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network after hearing their 500th episode of the Move The Sticks podcast.

What is this formula you ask? For a football team to have a chance of a  championship they need these five things. First, we will look at the offensive side of the ball, your team will need a quarterback, additionally, your team will need at least three quality offensive lineman, and finally, the falcons will need at least three offensive playmakers.

Moreover, on the defensive side of the ball, you will need at least two defensive linemen that can pass rush from any spot on the line, and lastly at least three defensive playmakers from the linebacker position and defensive backs.

Admittedly, many of our fans will say that we are set at the quarterback position with Matt (Matty Ice) Ryan, the former 2016 MVP of the National Football League.

Granted, it does not seem that our offense has been flowing the same way since Kyle Shanahan left for the San Fransisco 49ers, but I will say that Matt Ryan had an okay season. He was top 5 in Passing yards with 4,466 yards, and yards per game with 297.7 Y/G.

Although, there are some things Matt has to work on, such as his quarterback rating (QBR)  which was a 58.4  even though this was in the top half of QBs in the league, his average QBR  of his last two seasons excluding 2019 is usually 10 points higher hovering around 68.4.

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We also know that his offensive line was not the best this season because they gave a league-high 48 sacks. Hopefully, we will get the Matt Ryan back who lead our team to a Superbowl next season.

After all, we do not know how many more years we will have an elite-level Matt Ryan.