Atlanta Falcons need to find their Mamba Mentality in 2020


The life and legacy of Kobe Bryant transcended basketball and even trickled into the Atlanta Falcons locker room.

The Black Mamba as he would be known as died tragically Sunday along with his daughter and seven others. And the Atlanta Falcons, from players to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, paid their respects.

Calvin Ridley, Deion Jones, and Grady Jarrett were just some of the players to weigh in on Twitter as the news, both saddening and surreal, began to settle in.

Kobe Bryant became the epitome of a cold-blooded assassin on the court. That became known as the Mamba Mentality. In fact, he was a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, a team the Falcons would battle with often.

But Kobe also issued Mamba challenges to athletes across all sports. Like this one to Richard Sherman a few years ago.

Now, this season, the Atlanta Falcons must ensure Mercedes-Benz lighting up in purple and gold isn’t the only way they honor Kobe’s legacy. Players on both sides of the ball and coaches need to embrace the Mamba Mentality.

Matt Ryan
It’s more than winning on Sunday, it’s about the work the Falcons put in this offseason. It’s about approaching each play with more veracity than the last. It’s about delivering in clutch moments. In fact, Matt Ryan, sometimes called Matty Ice, maybe the closest thing the Falcons have to Kobe in the clutch. /

The connection between him and Julio, the game-winning drives, there is truly ice water in his veins. Much like Kobe, Matt and Julio don’t miss games, they play hurt, the work ethic is unquestionable.

That mentality needs to be team-wide. If the Atlanta Falcons want a fraction of the championship success that Kobe endured during his time in a Lakers uniform, they need to look no further than the man himself for inspiration.

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But beyond basketball, football, and all sports. Lives were lost on Sunday. Most prominently but not more important, Kobe and his daughter Giana. To all nine victims, rest in peace.