The Atlanta Falcons are Top 10 in wins during the last decade


Despite criticism from fans and the media, the Atlanta Falcons find themselves in the top ten in regular-season wins during the last ten years. A large part of this success is Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones.

During the last ten years, the Atlanta Falcons are tied for ninth with the Denver Broncos with an 89-71 record during the regular season the last ten years. The eight teams ahead of the Falcons are the Patriots, Steelers, Packers, Seahawks, Saints, Ravens, and Chiefs.

Here is every NFL’s team record during the last ten years:

  • Patriots: 125-35
  • Steelers: 102-57-1
  • Packers: 102-58
  • Seahawks: 100-59-1
  • Saints: 100-60
  • Ravens: 98-62
  • Chiefs: 96-64
  • Broncos: 89-71
  • Falcons: 89-71
  • Eagles: 87-73
  • Chargers: 86-74
  • Cowboys: 86-74
  • Colts: 82-78
  • Texans: 82-78
  • Vikings: 81-79
  • 49ers: 80-79-1
  • Panthers: 78-81-1
  • Bengals: 77-82-1
  • Bears: 76-84
  • Cardinals: 75-83-2
  • Rams: 73-86-1
  • Lions: 72-87-1
  • Jets: 72-88
  • Bills: 71-89
  • Giants: 70-90
  • Dolphins: 70-90
  • Titans: 69-91
  • Raiders: 63-97
  •  Redskins 62-98
  • Buccaneers: 59-101
  • Jaguars: 54-106
  • Browns: 42-117-1

The New England Patriots lead all teams with 125 wins and the next closest team is the Packers and Steelers with 102 wins. Leading by 23 wins is an insane stat. Some teams cannot even get 23 wins in three seasons.

Considering all the criticism from the media and fans the Atlanta Falcons have been one of the better franchises in the NFL in the last ten years. Many people forget the Atlanta Falcons had the number one seed in the NFC twice in the span of three seasons from 2010-2012. If the Falcons had a better pass rush during those years, they could have won a Super Bowl.

Ten of the top eleven teams on the list played in a Super Bowl during the last ten seasons. The one team that is an outlier is the New Orleans Saints. Despite having the fifth-best record in the last ten seasons they have not played in a Super Bowl during that span.

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The Atlanta Falcons have not been as bad as people made them out to be. No matter what happens in the offseason make sure you watch them play on the field before judging them. Remember, after the 2011 season, the Falcons did nothing in the offseason yet somehow clinched the number one seed in the NFC the next year with a 13-3 record.