“Stand up guy” Dan Quinn hasn’t translated to on-field success


Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn seems to refer to almost every player on the roster as a “stand up guy”. Championship teams need championship players, not stand up guys.

Dan Quinn uses and references this phrase far too often, and is a regular part of his vocabulary. One of the higher-ups in the Atlanta Falcons front office needs to advise him that while this might apply to some players, this won’t necessarily translate to on the field success, and means very little to fans.

To say that the Atlanta Falcons fanbase has grown tired of continuously hearing Quinn’s cliches and idioms, would be a huge understatement.

Quinn continues to spew rhetoric, and must firmly believe that fans will continue to eat up what he’s been shoveling.

During yesterday’s podcast, he was asked why he’s pumped (one of his favorite words) for the upcoming 2020 season. He proceeded to say that a lot of guys in the locker room are stand up guys.

You can have an entire 53 man roster of stand up guys, which might contribute to locker room cohesion, unity, and harmony. It does also not mean that just because a player is a stand-up guy, he will automatically have success on the field and be a productive player.

If this is why Quinn is so pumped for the 2020 season, then he needs to take a real hard look at his sense of reality as a coach and come to his senses. Perhaps he has never heard the expression nice guys finish last! This is usually the case in all walks of life.

Of course, the Falcons have a bunch of stand up guys from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones to Calvin Ridley to Desmond Trufant to Deion Jones…to name a few.

In fact, perhaps there are too many nice guys on this roster, including the coaching staff. Is Quinn that delusional that he continues to believe and spew all of his rhetoric to fans and media alike? He must be, in actuality.

What will it take for him to wake up and realize that enough is enough?

Just listening to him speak for a half-hour yesterday is a painful reminder of him talking in circles, dancing around tough football-related questions and being the rah-rah cheerleader that he is during his post-game press conferences.

He continues to put a positive spin on everything from the coaching staff to players to schemes to play calling. The list goes on and on. It is a sad state of affairs that the only people who fail to realize and see this is Arthur Blank, as he too is a stand-up guy.

Perhaps all of the stand-up guys in the Falcons organization from top to bottom feed off each other and feel as though a passive, nice-guy approach on the field will make them a winning team.

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For two straight seasons, it sure hasn’t. Nothing will change or will ever seemingly change as long as Dan Quinn is the coach of the Atlanta Falcons. This is the harsh reality of it. We are all in for another long 2020 season.