At least the Atlanta Falcons won’t have the NFL’s worst logo


There’s one thing we know the Atlanta Falcons are going to do this off-season is switching up their logo. And that’s only because the team’s twitter told us, which has been a trusted source for some time now.

The Atlanta Falcons have a lot of places they can mess up this spring and summer, in the draft, in free agency, in the players they choose to retain, you get the point. But it’ll be hard to be the team with the worst logo in the NFL next year after the Los Angeles Rams logo reportedly leaked.

Let’s start with the basics. Every team wants to look good on the field, but due to “one shell” rules by the league, your ability to do that is limited typically to a few uniforms a year. And yes, that includes the wonderful color rush unis that once took the league by storm.

And logos are for the fans. If you like the Falcons, there’s a sense of pride that comes with donning the red and black and having the bird on your car, or shirt, or whatever item you have it own. The Rams did their fans a disservice. Sure, it’s new, it’s LA with a supposed to be ram horn going through it, but it’s far from impressive.

And now Atlanta, you’re on the clock. People around the Falcons have done a good job of keeping it under wraps. About a month out there have been no credible leaks, nothing to really look forward to, and no sure direction on how this could go.

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Julio Jones
The current Falcons logo is solid. It’s a nice blend of red, black and white. And while the uniforms get kind of basic, the red jerseys and all-white roadies have a good feel to them. /

Occasionally they bust out the black retros, and those, under primetime lights, are top of the line. But it is time for a change. These current logos have witnessed the rise and fall of Michael Vick, the departure of the cowardly Bobby Petrino, the 28-3 implosion, and the explosion of the Georgia Dome.

So some new threads aren’t a bad idea. But whoever is in charge of designing these new Atlanta Falcons logo, could you please get one thing right, for the culture, for the city, and for the fans. Don’t have us looking crazy.