The Atlanta Falcons must resist the urge to trade for Todd Gurley


After releasing Devonta Freeman, it’s clear to see that the Atlanta Falcons will be looking for a primary ball carrier out of the backfield.

In the past, the Atlanta Falcons have found themselves going the route of signing a veteran running back and that has been hit or miss. They’ve had success with the likes of Michael Turner and Warrick Dunn but also struck out with the likes of Steven Jackson.

Earlier Tuesday, the Rams decided to place running back Todd Gurley on the trading block and some of the more unrealistic Falcons fans are throwing hints like “the Falcons need a running back.”

No, no and no.

The Falcons need to resist the urge to make a trade for Gurley especially since the Rams will probably be looking to receive draft picks in return because….well they barely have any. The Falcons are not in the position to be trading away any more draft picks especially since they had to rid themselves of one to get Hayden Hurst.

Yes, acquiring a running back should be one of the main objectives but Todd Gurley isn’t the answer to the solution. At one point, you could have said that Gurley was one of the best, if not the best, running back’s in the league. Fast forward a few years later and he’s half the back he once was due to injuries.

There are other free-agent running back the Falcons could take a look at. A guy like Melvin Gordon has had quite an injury history himself but not to the extend of Gurley’s.

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The draft approach is the way to go here. It’s safer than going after a running back with bad knees who’s seen better days. The Falcons just need to make sure the line is serviceable enough or else they could run the risk of having a Devonta Freeman 2.0.