Atlanta Falcons fans are lucky to have Matt Ryan


Atlanta Falcons are lucky to have Matt Ryan at quarterback. Unbelievably, some of the fans don’t feel this way. The reasons behind their dislike read like something of a bad Saturday Night Live skit.

Matt Ryan has been one of the best quarterbacks for the last ten years yet fans still aren’t satisfied. It’s understandable to feel that way especially when fans see Aaron Rodgers, Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Tom Brady (time and time again) hoist the Lombardi trophy over the course of the past ten years. Fans are frustrated and it’s easy to blame the quarterback.

Some of the fans must have forgotten how dark times were before Ryan even arrived. Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, and Chris Redman were the starting quarterbacks in 2007 when the team was in disarray. The Falcons selected Ryan in 2008 and gave the fans a glance at the hope that maybe life and football can be great after Michael Vick.

Ryan has led this team to two NFC Championship games, won one of them and was one bad call away from possibly bringing a Super Bowl title to a city full of fans that deserve one. For those who think Matt Ryan pads his stats during garbage time should instead see a quarterback that keeps playing until the whistle blows.

That’s the type of leadership that you want at the quarterback position unless some people would rather have a Baker Mayfield or Jameis Winston being the signal-caller.

People that are fans of the Miami Dolphins don’t have this type of hatred for Dan Marino. Chargers fans don’t show this type of disrespect to Phillip Rivers or Dan Fouts.

Has Ryan played some bad games? Has he made some questionable throws? Has he done some things that have made you scratch your head? The answer to all those questions is yes, but guess what, Brady has made those mistakes, Peyton Manning has made those, the all-time greats have made those mistakes.

Just like all these greats, Ryan has made great throws, great plays, and is as clutch as you can be at the quarterback position. Ryan ranks eighth all-time in fourth-quarter comebacks. Everybody ahead of him is either in the Hall of Fame or will be there when they retire and he’s more than likely going to pass the majority of them when it’s all said and done.

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Don’t be mad at Ryan because he isn’t another quarterback, be happy that he’s the quarterback that he is; someone who has had this team on his back for years no matter how bad the defense is or how nonexistent his running game is or when the offensive line isn’t blocking the best for him. When Ryan decided to hang it up, Falcon fans will be upset because that consistency at the quarterback position will be gone and the Falcons will be back at square one.