Atlanta Falcons may have a Tiger and Gamecock along the D-line in 2020


It has become increasingly apparent over the last couple of weeks that the Atlanta Falcons are interested in former South Carolina Gamecocks defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw, a man that has the size to be both a run stopper and pass rusher.

The Atlanta Falcons and its fan base both seem to be growing more and more interested in Javon Kinlaw, a former South Carolina Gamecock that showed tremendous improvement over his three seasons at the school. He proved that he has what it takes to be an elite talent at the next level with his play in 2019, which earned him First-Team All-SEC honors.

Putting a guy like Kinlaw beside Grady Jarrett could be a recipe for success. The Atlanta Falcons have desperately searched for a replacement for Jonathan Babineaux since his retirement after Super Bowl 51 in 2017, but to no avail. The team needs somebody great to fill that spot and if given the chance, Kinlaw could be that guy.

Kinlaw would instantly fill the gap beside Jarrett, finally giving Jarret some much-needed help in the middle of the defensive line. Kinlaw certainly has the size to be a star, standing at 6’5 and weighing 324 pounds. He also has the athletic ability to make big plays and be a game-changer, something everyone in the Atlanta Falcons organization has been craving for at this position.

It would be hard for the Atlanta Falcons to pass up on a guy like C.J Henderson who, many believe, would be a great fit for a team like the Falcons who are desperate for a cornerback. I am one of those people who would love to see the Atlanta Falcons draft Henderson, but, Kinlaw would be a hard guy to pass up. The years of getting bullied along the defensive line need to come to an end right now and Kinlaw will most certainly help to put an end to that.

A Tiger and Gamecock teaming up to transform the defensive line of the Atlanta Falcons would be an interesting and fun narrative throughout the 2020 season given the over 100 years of hatred between the schools, students and respective fanbases.

I doubt either guy has met the other and it is very unlikely that they would have any negative feelings toward one another because of their respective alma mater, but it is interesting to think about two guys from rival schools coming together to re-shape a lackluster defense into a legitimate threat.

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At this point, the Atlanta Falcons are in dire need of both a cornerback and a defensive tackle and need to address both through the NFL Draft. If they do pick Kinlaw with their first-round selection, it could be a huge, game-changing pick-up for a team that could really use his size and athletic ability. If he pans out and becomes an elite-caliber talent alongside Jarrett, then the organization would be very grateful to the state of South Carolina for finally making the defense respectable.