NFL draft night can’t come soon enough for Atlanta Falcons nation


Atlanta Falcons nation all over North America is suffering through major sports withdrawal for the past month. COVID-19 has brought the entire sports world to a grinding halt, sadly.

The 2020 NFL draft is getting closer by the day. Atlanta Falcons nation has seen many mock drafts since the 2019 season ended, especially in the past month or so as this has been the major source of excitement for Falcons fans and sports fans alike.

It has been quite the exciting offseason so far for Falcons fans, aside from the fact that Dan Quinn will be back for his final season as head coach. The new uniforms have conjured up a sense of excitement and freshness, albeit there has been some ambivalence towards the new look.

There is a feeling in the air that it has been many months since the last live sports game was played. The NFL offseason is long and painful enough for Falcons fans everywhere as it is.

NFL draft night always brings a sense of anticipation, excitement, jubilation and even nervousness to some degree, from a fan’s point of view. For obvious reasons, the 2020 NFL draft night will feel like the sporting event of the year for everybody.

The 2020 NFL draft will bring a completely different look to it, as Quinn, Thomas Dimitroff, Arthur Blank, and every other NFL head coach and general manager will be drafting players virtually from the confines of their homes. Players will also be sitting in their living room or basement waiting to hear their names called.

It will be interesting, funny and weird to see Falcons of the future drafted and not walk up on the stage to hug and shake the commissioner’s hand. Whether it be Javon Kinlaw, K’Lavon Chaisson or C.J. Henderson drafted by the Falcons in the first round, fans will then most likely watch them wear the draft cap and hold a new Falcons jersey. Then comes the Zoom meeting with Falcons brass.

This is the new norm and the current world we live in, whether we like it or not. It is what it is and must be accepted by diehard Atlanta Falcons nation. Regardless, it still comes down to the anticipation and excitement of the draft.

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Falcons fans will still cheer, boo, yell and/or scream whoever’s name is called. The 2020 draft will bring with it an extra special feeling in these unprecedented times. The countdown begins until the Falcons are on the clock in the first round.