The three best draft day trades in Atlanta Falcons history

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With all the talk about the Atlanta Falcons moving up in the draft, some people are wondering what they have up their sleeve? Trading up in the draft is something that the Falcons have surprisingly done well with.

There have been three occasions in which the Falcons moved up in the draft and pretty much changed the fortunes of the franchise in one way or another. In these three franchise-altering trades, the Falcons gave up one of the best players in franchise history, nine draft picks, none of which came after the fourth round, and a pretty popular and talented punt returner in exchange for the three picks.

Is it luck or did the Falcons have an eye for talent and was willing to do whatever to get it? Needless to say, the Falcons hit on all three draft picks. These aren’t the only great draft day trades the Falcons made to move up in the draft.

In 1985, the Falcons moved up to draft guard Bill Fralic number two in the NFL Draft. Five years later, they did the same when they traded up to acquire the number one overall pick in the 1990 draft to select cornerback Deion Sanders.

With the track record the Falcons have when it comes to trading up in the draft, if they decide to do so this year, the fans shouldn’t be too concerned. Who knows, if they do trade up in the draft, it could probably get the team closer to its goal of winning a Super Bowl.