Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank doesn’t trust his front office


With the Atlanta Falcons making no moves in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft signals the lack of faith that owner Arthur Blank has in his front office.

There is no doubt that A.J. Terrell will eventually be a starter for the Atlanta Falcons, but he is not an instant impact player and that is what the Falcons had to have in the first round this year. Sure, they will trot him out there and give him a chance, but he is not better than any corner the Falcons currently have.

What this first round really signifies is that Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is not as sold on Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn as he has alleged and was not willing to allow them to mortgage the future of the franchise for a front office and a coaching staff that he is not sold on.

Sure, from a fan perspective, that is maddening. He chose to keep them all around after a second straight losing season and the third in five years under Dan Quinn. If you are going to keep them around why not give them the tools to be successful.

One now has to believe that Blank allowed them to spend, trade, and cut in free agency like they did in order to bring in instant impact veterans. He is thinking about how attractive the Falcons will be in 2021 to potential GM candidates as well as head coaches.

In order to attract high-end GM’s and coaches next offseason, you cannot have them taking a job with one hand tied behind their hand if they are going to turn this franchise around when they get here.

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There is no doubt that A.J. Terrell is walking into a storm here in Atlanta and hopefully, Atlanta Falcons fans will embrace one of their own (Westlake graduate) but he is only here because the owner does not trust the people he has in place.