Atlanta Falcons must address the need at defensive tackle in second round


The Atlanta Falcons first round has come and gone and they ended up addressing the need at corner. A.J Terrell could very well end up being the cornerback of the future for the Atlanta Falcons.

Now the organization has to address the need at defensive tackle.

The Atlanta Falcons opted to go after a corner in the first round, which was almost certainly done in response to the sheer amount of talent in the NFC South. Many fans may not be happy with the selection, but the guy hasn’t even played a snap yet, so let’s pump the brakes on the hate train.

I understand being mad at not making any moves in the first round, but there is no reason to hate on Terrell.

Putting the first round behind them, the Atlanta Falcons need to address the defensive tackle position because the days of getting bullied along the defensive line need to end now. Many would say they should have addressed this need in the first round, but that is in the past now.

There is still plenty of talent left at the defensive tackle position to pick from, with any one of the projected second and third-round guys being more than capable of filling that need.

The team does not need to wait until the third round. This need is way too big of an issue to not address in the second round. The Atlanta Falcons needs a guy that can make an impact in year one because Arthur Blank is clearly banking on the 2020 season to be the one where the organization gets back to elite status.

The front office needs to start drafting like they want to be elite because the fans are tired of waiting. It seems like every season there is a need for a pass rusher and a defensive tackle and every season it is either not addressed or it doesn’t pan out.

Next. Outscoring opponents will be the Atlanta Falcons path to the playoffs. dark

The second round will most likely allow the organization a chance to finally draft an elite level tackle and they have to take advantage.