Three possible trap games for the Atlanta Falcons

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The week 12 matchup with the Las Vegas Raiders will be yet another trap game coming from the AFC West. The Atlanta Falcons have to play the Raiders in between two very important games against the New Orleans Saints, which is not ideal at all. It is very easy to see the team overlooking the Raiders considering that franchise has been a dumpster fire for the last 15+ years.

The Atlanta Falcons could be coming off of a high or low from their Week 11 matchup with the Saints in New Orleans, which could lead to a devastating loss to the Raiders.

The team could also be looking forward to the next matchup just a short two weeks later, whether it be a revenge game or a chance to sweep. It’s hard to imagine the Raiders winning more than six or seven games, so a loss to a team with no playoff hopes this late in the season very well could be the nail in the coffin for the Atlanta Falcons.

Of the three trap games on the schedule this upcoming season, this game is the scariest. This game against the Raiders may be THE trap game of the season for the Atlanta Falcons.