Matt Ryan’s offseason workout program will pay huge dividends

Quarterback Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Quarterback Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The 2020 offseason for Matt Ryan has been both a different and unique approach for himself and his Atlanta Falcons teammates on offense.

Matt Ryan has been forced to do things differently in order to make up for the time he lost this spring.  Essentially, he’s been handed a blank slate and has approached the 2020 offseason differently, with respect to his workout program and practice.

Ryan has been responsible for getting his teammates together this difficult offseason due to the pandemic. He has the advantage of having a lot of teammates that live locally in Atlanta.

The chance to get ahead of everybody else in the NFL is what pushes and motivates Matt Ryan to be the very best QB and teammate that he can be. In a nutshell, Matt Ryan has recreated an offseason program.

Normally, Ryan’s offseason program is a nine-week offseason program that consists of six weeks of throwing to receivers and tight ends in order to get on the same page. When things are said and done, the Falcons will have eight weeks in the books.

This starts with four weeks of workouts in Atlanta, followed by three weeks in California. This culminates with another week back in Atlanta before Falcons training camp officially opens in July.

This results in more throwing than the Falcons would normally have in a normal offseason program. On top of that, Ryan is planning on getting his teammates together for another two weeks before the July 4th holiday.

As usual, Matt Ryan is taking the bull by the horns as a true leader. The plan is to do more than they would normally do in a regular offseason with respect to workouts.

With the help and leadership of Ryan, the Falcons plan to be ahead of the curve and the rest of the league heading into training camp this summer, as a result. This will hopefully give the Falcons a competitive advantage over other teams.

Being the savvy veteran he is, he has always been a big advocate of relationship building from a football perspective every offseason. He has experienced many offseason programs that give him a leg up on his younger rival QBs throughout the league.

The experience will only benefit Matt Ryan and the Falcons this offseason. Creativity also plays an important part and can be just as important.

Ryan and the entire Falcons offense will have to be creative as well. They will need to find ways to use the three months this offseason that would normally be occupied by OTAs and min-camps to their advantage.

This will only pay huge dividends for the Falcons halfway or three quarters into the 2020 season. If they have a winning record at that point, much will be made of the things they were doing in May and June to get ahead.

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Matt Ryan’s 2020 offseason has been challenging like every other starting QB in the league. However, his wisdom, experience, and leadership in terms of developing chemistry with his offensive teammates can only help in the long run.