Madden 21: Ranking Michael Thomas over Julio Jones is ridiculous


The Madden 21 game developers completely whiffed on their wide receiver ratings.

The Madden 21 ratings for wide receivers were released Friday and there is an obvious question that needs to be asked, why does Michael “slant route” Thomas have a higher rating than Julio Jones.

This is a question I can’t answer because it makes no sense. There is literally nothing that Thomas does better than Julio Jones, but somehow Thomas is a 99 and Jones is a 97.

It is puzzling as well because DeAndre Hopkins is only rated at 98. Hopkins, like Julio Jones, is a better receiver and is the only one in the league who has a legitimate claim to being better or as good as Jones.

If anything, both Hopkins and Jones should be 99. It is very hard to see Thomas putting up the same types of numbers if his quarterback isn’t the most accurate thrower in NFL history in Drew Brees. It is also difficult to see Thomas put up those numbers if he has better players surrounding him.

Hopkins put up ridiculous numbers with guys like T.J Yates and Tom Savage throwing him the ball, and Jones has had an enormous amount of talent around him at the wide receiver and tight end positions throughout his career. Jones has played with Roddy White, Mohamed Sanu, Calvin Ridley, Tony Gonzalez, Austin Hooper, Taylor Gabriel, and the emerging Russell Gage last season, who racked up decent numbers once Sanu was traded.

Thomas has played with the likes of Tre’Quan Smith, Tedd Ginn Jr., Ben Watson, and Jared Cook…not exactly the most lethal of offensive weapons. If we swap Julio Jones with Michael Thomas, Jones would put up over 2,000 yards and at least 160-170 receptions easy.

Thomas is not a bad receiver obviously, he is definitely in the upper half of the league in talent, but to give him a higher rating than DeAndre Hopkins and especially Julio Jones is mind-blowing. The top 10 as a whole doesn’t make any sense.

What the hell are Stefon Diggs and Amari Cooper doing in the top 10? Why aren’t Mike Evans and Keenan Allen rated higher? How is Chris Godwin not in the top 10?

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It is a pretty baffling list that really just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as to how Madden came up with these ratings. All that really matters is that the NFL and its fans know who the best receiver in the league is, and his name is Julio Jones.